Free Card Friday:

What is Free Card Fridays you ask? Simple, I make a lot of custom cards, usually featuring someone's actual face in the card. This got me to thinking, maybe I should share this with the world? So here's the deal, check back to this page often and when "Free Card Friday" is active and submissions are being accepted, I will post an email address to send ideas to. It could be for a friend or a relative or even yourself. I will pick what I consider to be the most interesting concept, you come meet me at a coffee shop in my neighborhood, bring photos, we go over the idea, in one week you pick up your free custom card. The best part for you is the price, zero dollars and zero cents. You never know what you could end up as...


Valentine's Day Card:

This is a Valentine's day card I just made faturing Jake Sully from the movie Avatar, read the copy and the concept is pretty clear. That was such a great movie that I had to do something with it.


Octagon Penguin Logo:

Octagon Penguin is my alias, it's my screen name on a multitude of applications and something I sometimes refer to myself as. I came up with the name a long time ago, I was playing a video game and needed to pick a name, for some reason it popped into my head. The idea just reminded me of one of those old Mega Man enemies that had such a terrifically bad name, the type of name that clearly lost its meaning while being translated from Japanese to English. Oh well, it stuck, the blog's coming soon.



This is a drawing I did recently, it's pretty simple if you look at it, it's a combination of a giraffe and a flamingo. Don't know why I thought of it, but they both have long necks, maybe that's all it takes to make that mental connection. Gonna put this one on a T shirt and put it up for sale, or maybe submit it to threadless.


Lebron Birthday Card:

This is a birthday card I recently made, it was for a person who does not like Lebron James. Lebron also happens to have one of the worst nicknames in sports, "King James." It didn't take me very long to come up with this one, sometimes your first idea is also the best one.


Bennett Day 2010:

A long time ago I began paying tribute to one of the greatest movie characters of all time, I am speaking of course of Bennett from the movie Commando. Not only is Bennett intimidating, but it is his true unpredictability that can really throw his prey. This is what I tried to capture in this year's drawing, the feeling that you are never safe from such a formidable foe. I call it Bennett Wallace.


Christmas Tag 2010:

Every year I do a version of a Christmas tag, a label, that little thing you stick on a present so people know who it's for and who it's from. This year I went with an unlikely choice, a lot of people love him, and probably even more people hate him, but if you follow sports you definitely know who he is, check it out.



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